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As an Atlanta Real Estate Photographer from Marietta, GA I have the pleasure of photographing some of the finest homes and apartments Cobb, Fulton and Cherokee County Georgia have to offer. If there is one thing I have learned photographing homes for sale in Atlanta, it is every home is different and each has its own story to tell.  How that story is told is what makes the difference.

real estate photographer or a real estate photography service provider may offer anything from glorified snap shots to commercial quality work to tell that story.  One should not assume that anyone offering Atlanta Real Estate Photography will do.  True specialists in the field of Photography for Real Estate are rare.  It takes a very specific skill set that is unlike what a wedding or portrait photographer are accustomed to using.  Real Estate Photography, especially Architectural and Interior Real Estate Photography requires more than the newest camera.  Composition, dynamic range, strobe lighting… The latest technology does give us all an edge, but it’s not enough to sidestep the need for a sound working knowledge of lighting and architectural aesthetics.  At the end of the day it is the skill and talent of the person behind the lens (and to a lesser extent behind the computer) that makes the magic happen.

What is the difference between Atlanta real estate photography services?  Does it matter which Atlanta real estate photographer you use?

Home Interiors Atlanta Real Estate Photography by Iran WatsonAtlanta real estate photography services will vary not so much in the tools they use but the time and skill they are able to devote to the project.  Some Atlanta real estate photographers and real estate virtual tour companies will take snap-shots of the property and then load them into a slide show or online photo gallery.  With a DSLR camera, a wide-angle lens and an on camera external flash device, they are able to capture many scenes quite well.  This approach is proven to yield better results than what an amateur could produce with a modern-day point & shoot.  An important thing to remember is there is much more that can be done to improve the quality of these images.  If the end goal is to fully engage the viewer and instill a sense of urgency to visit the property in person, your needs will most likely be met by a true specialist.

As a professional real estate photographer in Marietta, GA I know that the work done after the shoot can often times be just as important as capturing the images on site. In order to get the most out of any image, there must be some time spent behind the computer.

Optimizing photos can range from making a couple of fine adjustments to elaborate  multi-exposure blends with flash frame accents.  In the right hands, post processing is a real game changer.  Taking advantage of this medium is something that not all Atlanta real estate photography services choose to do.  This is an important distinction and something you should consider when choosing an Atlanta Real Estate Photographer to work with.

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Atlanta Real Estate Photographer Iran Watson services all of the Metro Atlanta area including Cobb, Cherokee, Fulton and Paulding counties and the cities of Marietta, Kennesaw, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Woodstock, Acworth, Atlanta, Dunwoody, Holly Springs, Vinings and Buckhead.  Real Estate and Apartment Photography services are also available for much of the Southeast US, including Savannah, Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis and more.  Are you an Atlanta Real Estate Agent, Apartment, Hotel, FSBO, Investor or Landlord?  Let me show you how to take your real estate marketing to the next level!

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