Questions about Atlanta Real Estate Photography?

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– What areas of Metro Atlanta do you service?  Are you willing to travel outside the Metro Atlanta area?

My primary service areas are those counties located north and west of the city of Atlanta, including Fulton, Cobb, Cherokee and Paulding County.  For residential photo shoots, I will travel up to 40 miles round trip from Marietta, GA at no charge.  For commercial shoots and Day Rate work, I will travel up to 100 miles round trip at no charge.  As of March 1, 2012, any travel beyond that is calculated at $0.50 a mile.

– How much time does a typical photo shoot require?

My Basic Photography Package is usually completed within two to three hours of arriving onsite.  Commercial Packages are typically completed within six to ten hours.  Should any specialty shots such as twilights or low-level aerials be requested I typically need an additional hour of access to the property.  There are no short cuts to obtaining the level of quality my clients have come to expect.  It is a time consuming and laborious process but one that I approach with passion and enthusiasm every time.

– How long does it take to get the photos delivered once the shoot is finished?

In most cases I am able to deliver a final product within 48 hours.  Commercial Packages offer proofing within 24 hours of the completed shoot.  Should more time be required the client will be informed before the shoot takes place.  Please note that in the peak Spring and Summer real estate selling seasons scheduling and turn around time may be extended by a couple of days.

– By what medium will the photos be delivered?

Once completed, I give the client the option of taking delivery of the images and license document from one of several online download links, like Dropbox or Google Drive, or FTP upload.  My goal is to make obtaining the finished photos as easy and convenient as possible for the client.  Please note I do not provide a physical product like a DVD or CD at this time.

– Will my photos look as good as the photos on your website and other marketing materials?

Yes.  The photos presented on my website are actual images delivered to my clients.  Every client receives the same attention to detail and professionalism that I have built my reputation on.  If I accept your assignment rest assured your images will look just as good as what you have seen so far.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed or I will do what it takes to make it right.

– Am I obligated to purchase a license if I am unhappy with the photos?

No.  If the images I deliver do not live up to your expectations and I am unable to make it right, I will void the license and you pay nothing outside of any travel, lodging and project specific fees.  Please note that for residential photo shoots a property release is still required from the homeowner should the client exercise this option.

– Will the photos need to be resized before posted to the MLS or other online real estate sites?

No.  I provide two versions of all photos to be delivered.  One size that is specifically optimized to make use of the maximum file size and resolution FMLS allows and another that is optimized for print and high resolution displays.  I am able to resize and optimize for just about any medium including prints up to 10.2″ x 13.6″ without any loss in quality.  Custom resizing is available upon request and at no additional charge provided the request is made before final delivery.

– Are you insured?

Yes.  I maintain a minimum of $1,000,000 General Liability coverage as well as coverage for my equipment.  Should you need a COI, please be sure to mention that at the time of scheduling.

– Do you offer full motion video as well as still photography?

No.  At this time I only offer still photography, however I am able to offer a referral to one of Atlanta’s top videographers and production companies should those services also be desired.

– What is your rescheduling policy?

Due to the nature of this type of photography service, there are occasions where it is necessary to reschedule.  Rescheduling requests made by the client within 24 hours of the appointment time may be subject to a rescheduling fee.  In the event of inclimate weather or the prospect of less than ideal shooting conditions, I will offer an alternative appointment time at no penalty to the client.

– Does someone need to be present at the property at the time of the shoot?

No.  I typically work alone but agents, homeowners, stylist, etc. are more than welcome to be present.  In regards to gaining access to the property, arrangements will need to be made to allow me entry unless the property is on a combo or non-Supra lockbox.  Furthermore, unlisted property and commercial work require arrangements be made in advance for me to enter the property.

– Are there any special instructions for preparing the property for the photo shoot?

Yes.  I provide a checklist to help ensure the best conditions for the property to be photographed.  This checklist will be emailed to the client within 24 hours of scheduling.  This checklist consists simply of suggestions to help make the property look its best and is not mandatory.

– Do you require a property release for your real estate photography services?

Yes.  A property release must be completed and signed by the current property owner, or a representative of the owner, and returned within 24 hours of a scheduled photo shoot.  I reserve the right to reschedule or refuse any work in which a property release cannot be obtained in a timely manner.

– Do you offer photography services for non-real estate events like weddings or portraits?

No.  I am a real estate photography specialist and only offer photography services that pertain to real estate, architecture, landscape, multi-family, interiors, interior design, apartment and commercial marketing.  I do not do weddings, portraits or child/infant photography however I am able to offer a referral to some of Atlanta’s top photographers in these areas.

– Do you do your own post processing and editing or do you contract that work out?

I am proud to say that I oversee all my post processing and editing.  In fact I have developed proprietary techniques and methods that set me apart from other Atlanta real estate photographers.  I am fully versed in Adobe Photoshop CS6, Photomatix Pro and Adobe Camera RAW editing.  I also have strategic alliances with some of the best retouchers in the business.  In the event that special attention is needed to an image(s) that falls outside my area of expertise a specialist is just a phone call away.

– Do you use supplemental on-site lighting or only available light?

Both.  I am equipped with several supplemental lights and strobes as well specialty items such as umbrellas and gels.  All shots are taken to make the best use of available light but I can and will use supplemental lighting should the occasion call for it.

– Do I have copyrights to the photos once I have paid?

No.  I retain all copyrights expressed and implied otherwise.  For my Basic Photography Package, I grant a ‘listing term up to one year’ limited license in which the client may use the photos for any marketing purpose they wish provided they do not violate the copyright by selling, leasing or gifting the photos to third parties.  The license is granted to the person that paid for the photos, i.e. if the agent paid, the agent gets the license.  If the homeowner paid, the homeowner gets the license.  For full information regarding licensing and usage please contact me directly.  If the client wishes to have ownership and copyright transferred it may be purchased at an amount to be determined by the project’s size and scope.

– Can another agent use the photos in which I originally commissioned?

If for some reason the agent that originally hired me to photograph a listing loses or surrenders that listing, they still retain exclusive rights to those photographs for a period of the ‘listing term or one year’.  Any subsequent agents that wish to use those particular photos must get a release from the original agent in writing and pay an amount equal to whatever the current posted rates are for the usage desired.  In the event the original agent does release the exclusive license and the images have been used for less than 90 days, they are credited half the amount they paid on a future shoot.  The new agent shall be granted a ‘listing term or one year’ exclusive license from the date payment is received.

Because I greatly value the relationships I have formed with my past and current clients, I reserve the right to refuse to photograph a listing or property that already has a valid license in place.

– Can I use the photos on my website or other marketing that does not pertain to the subject property?

Yes.  The ‘listing term or one year’ license does allow you to use the photos to advertise you or your services in addition to marketing the subject property.  In the event the client wishes to use any of the images in this manner, photo credit must be clearly given somewhere on the photo or page in which they appear.  Failure to do this may void the license granted by the copyright holder.  Once the license expires, arrangements must be made to extend the license.  The license is a single user license.  Images may not be used by third parties without the written consent of the photographer.

– I see photos on your site that are not watermarked that I would like to use for my website or other purpose.   Are these images free to use or do I have to pay?

No image on this site, or appearing elsewhere, may be used in any way without written permission by the photographer.  I do offer limited licenses for almost every photo I have created for a reasonable fee.  If you see something you like, please contact me, don’t just “Right click and steal”.  Besides, you might be surprised how affordable it can actually be.

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