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One of the biggest challenges architectural and interior photographers face with digital photography is being able to capture the entire dynamic range in one shot.  Those not familiar with high dynamic range photography might better recognize this in terms of bright highlights and dark shadows in a photo.  It’s estimated that the human eye can process up to 20 stops of light, whereas a good digital camera can currently only capture about 5.  Often what the camera is able to capture is only a portion of what the eye actually sees, or how it sees it anyway.  When photographing interiors this limitation can be especially difficult to work with.  If you have ever seen photos of the inside of a house where the windows are completely white and blown out you have seen what I’m talking about.  In order to get the view to the exterior to be at a correct exposure the interior would look much darker as a result.  This is the challenge of working with a large dynamic range.

Since getting a single frame that contains both a bright, evenly lit interior as well as a crisp, well exposed exterior is not always possible, we need a solution.

High Dynamic Range Photography, or HDR, is the process of taking several pictures with different exposure values of an identical scene and later blending them together in post processing to produce an image that contains both correct exposure for the highlights and the shadows.  In other words, by taking the best exposed parts from each photo you can combine them to make a idea image.  It’s not quite that simple, but with the right software and expertise it is a very effective means of photographing real estate.

My work as an Atlanta photographer specializing in Atlanta Real Estate Photography has allowed me to master the process of producing photo-realistic HDR images.  From capturing the correct dynamic range on site to subtle adjustments that bring the photo to life, I have produced hundreds of HDR images for real estate listings, print publications and commercial marketing.  My workflow and technique are specific to real estate and its related industries and are the product of years of refining.  Through my experience and expertise with HDR photography I am able to produce a wide range of styles and aesthetics for my clients.  Although time consuming and tedious work, HDR photography for real estate is a very effective tool for those that understand how to work with this medium.

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